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The Theocratic Kingdom


Of Our Lord Jesus, The Christ, As Covenanted in the Old Testament and Presented in the New Testament

Reprint Edition; Three volumes
Kregel Publications, 2175 pgs.

One of the most exhaustive pre-millennial works ever written on the Kingdom of God exhibiting profound scholarship and extensive study of literature, history, science, theology, and prophecy. Peters quotes from over 4,000 different authorities from the early church fathers to the end of the 19th century. Peters unfolds the entire scope of prophetic truth related to the Kingdom. The complete work in three volumes!

George N. H. Peters (1825-1909), during a long life of increasingly debilitating sickness and near-blindness, produced the most exhaustive single work of pre-millennial thought ever published.  Born in New Berlin, Pennsylvania, and after graduating from Wittenberg College, he pastored a number of Lutheran churches in Ohio.

His encroaching blindness, however, did not stop him from writing several commentaries on New Testament books and other subjects, although The Theocratic Kingdom is the only work presently in print.