Announcing "Govett on Baptism"!

About Us

In 1979 Schoettle Publishing began reprinting classic Bible commentaries with Robert Govett’s Entrance into the Kingdom. The original editions from the 1850s could be found mainly in places like libraries in the UK or estate collections. Although Govett was a prolific writer of over 100 books and pamphlets, by the late 20th century his works had become very rare.

To those who recognize value, what is rare is precious. Charles Spurgeon once said “The day will come when the idols of the hour will perish and the writings of such a man as R. Govett will be prized as much fine gold” (The Sword and the Trowel, 1881, p. 480).

100 years later, Dr. Lewis Schoettle fulfilled this prophecy. Just as one would mine out buried gold, so he searched out, and reprinted, over a 42 year period, title after title by Govett and others like GH Pember, DM Panton and GH Lang. The calling of the Master was to bring those writings back into the hands of believers who hunger for the solid food of the word (1 Corinthians 3:2).


Why go to all of this effort? Because the need is great. A common response from someone reading one of our books for the first time is “Why have we never heard about these important matters before?”