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Our Most Popular Authors

Robert Govett (1813-1901)

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Robert Govett was born in Middlesex in 1813 into a very clerical family in the Church of England. He attended Oxford and eventually, like his father and four of his brothers, was ordained a Priest. His first position was in Kent in 1837, followed by Norwich. This is worth noting due to the cost incurred when, after receiving light concerning baptism, he left his position and suffered opposition from family and colleagues. Thus from very early in his ministry he demonstrated a willingness to reject unscriptural traditions and to seek fresh enlightenment from God in His word. He went on to produce a prolific stream of books and pamphlets from his studies, in a lucid and polemic style that shook up contemporary theologians and church leaders.

His writings attracted a following of believers and eventually in Norwich he assumed responsibility to pastor them. As the congregation grew they acquired a building on Surrey Street which came to be known as Surrey Chapel.

Govett’s books cover a wide range of subjects. Some are topical, others walk through books of the Bible chapter by chapter. All were written to counter errant teachings. There is a particular focus on the return of Christ and the Bema (Greek for judgment seat), before which saved believers must stand when He does. Govett was very motivated by the desire to warn ignorant or misled Christians concerning the need to become sanctified after being justified.

Note that besides Govett’s own books, we also carry A Victorian Dissenter by David E. Seip. Presenting some biographical content, this book tries to answer why Govett’s teachings, despite the quality and quantity of his publications, are not widely known in Christian circles today.


D.M. Panton (1870-1955)

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David Morrieson Panton was born in Jamaica in 1870 to a missionary family of the Church of England. He attended university at Cambridge, where he was greatly influenced by the writings of Robert Govett on baptism by immersion, the millennial kingdom reward, and the error of denominationalism. He subsequently joined Govett and attended Surrey Chapel where Govett taught in Norwich, England. When Govett passed away in 1901 Panton succeeded him as Pastor. Like his mentor, Panton sought to correct errors of his time through over 100 publications that were widely distributed as tracts and pamphlets. He also wrote a few books, two of which we have reprinted and offer here. In 1924 he began putting out a monthly periodical called The Dawn, which he continued until his own passing in 1955.

Under Panton’s oversight of the flock at Surrey Chapel, Margaret E. Barber went forth as a missionary to China. She is perhaps most known for her nurturing of a young Chinese Christian named Watchman Nee, whose own books bear the mark of both Panton and Govett’s influence.



G.H. Lang (1874-1958)

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George Henry Lang was born in Greenwich, England, in 1874, into a Christian home. His mother died shortly after his birth, and his stepmother, herself a Godly woman, led young George to dynamic saving faith at the age of seven. In his old age he recalled “the experience was so real and thorough, and the effects so enduring, that it is as vivid after more than seventy years as if it had just happened.” Lang did not attend formal Christian clerical training. Rather his path to service was ordered for him by the Lord, through a period in business in his teens and twenties, and on to a life of preaching and evangelizing. For most of that time he was without formal title or contracted financial support, but followed the pattern of living and working by faith learned from George Müller and Hudson Taylor’s lives.

In his middle age (30s-50s) Lang traveled extensively for the gospel throughout Europe and the Middle East.

In his later years G.H. Lang devoted much attention to his writing ministry. His works include fourteen major books and innumerable booklets. He once said, "No man should write a book until he is forty. He needs to prove his theories in practice before publishing." Thus his own books not only convey the clarity of a keen intellect enlightened by the Holy Spirit, but also the genuine power of a spiritual man with rich personal experience of the truths contained therein.


G. H. Pember (1837 – 1910)

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George Hawkins Pember was born in Hereford, England in 1837. He studied the classics at Cambridge. Not much is known about his conversion, but by the late 1800s he was among the British Brethren as an accomplished biblical scholar and author, who, according to Panton, “dominated prophetic study in the Victorian age.” He and other great teachers among the Brethren played a large role in bringing the matters of prophecy and the second coming of Christ into the awareness of the Christian public.

Pember is perhaps best known for his book, Earth’s Earliest Ages, where he elucidates the cataclysmic judgment of God on the pre-Adamic world, due to Lucifer’s fall. This occurred during the “gap” between verses 1 and 2 of Genesis chapter one. The original Scofield Bible published in 1917 helped to popularize this interpretation as an answer to Darwinism and prehistoric fossil records.

A contemporary of Robert Govett, G. H. Lang, and D. M. Panton, Pember shared many of the same unique hermeneutic principles which set them apart. They were vastly ahead of their time and produced teachings which perplexed many and blessed many others. Lang and Panton reprinted a condensed volume of some of of Pember’s writings in 1941, with this word expressed by Lang:

“He was pre-eminently a teacher of teachers, and one of the best exponents of prophetic Scripture during his period, so rich in great teachers of the Word of God. It is in the hope that…the present volume may reach other and younger readers, eager for all heavenly knowledge, that it is issued. It will guide and fortify honest hearts for the wars of the Lord now upon us, in which the faithful must meet fierce and dangerous conflicts, and meet them with few older soldiers of Christ to lead and encourage them.” 

Other Authors

Kenneth F. Dodson (1908-1976)

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God graciously used the study and exposition of the “neglected areas” of the
New Testament expounded in this book, The Prize of the Up-Calling, to
transform the author’s life. Rev. Dodson was born of school-teacher parents and
graduated from Wabash College. He pastored several Baptist churches in
Indiana and traveled throughout the US teaching the truths covered in this

J. D. Faust

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Pastor J. D. Faust was born in Columbia, South Carolina. He is currently the pastor of Kingdom Baptist Church in Venus, Texas. He is the editor of The Kingdom Alert newsletter.

Martha Lever

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Martha Lever expresses her lifelong passion for art and letter design through her beautiful watercolors and graceful calligraphy. Her love for the Word of God is evident in her work and Martha is delighted when her work has touched someone and helped bring them closer to God. The mother of two grown children, Martha lives in Jacksonville, Florida.

Philip Mauro

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As far as twentieth century Christian figures are concerned, Philip Mauro stands out as one of the most captivating. After coming to a saving knowledge of the Lord in 1903, at the age of forty five, Mauro, a member of the bar of the Supreme Court of the United States and one of the foremost patent lawyers of his day, began his "Testimony" of what was to him the most important event in his life.
The early twentieth century was a period of great expansion for many errors, such as Dispensationalism and Anglo Israelism. Rising to the forefront of Christianity's great struggle against these foes, he applied the preparation God had given him, and scored great victories for sound doctrine. As a result of his body of work, the following generations have been able to pick up weapons at the spot where he fell and continue the struggle for Truth, as it is to this day.


Dr. R. E. Neighbour (1872 - 1945)

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Dr. Neighbour was called by the Lord at a young age to preach the gospel of
Jesus Christ. He received his education at Baylor University in Waco, Texas, and
immediately thereafter headed to service in the Southern Baptist Mission to
Brazil, preaching in Rio de Janeiro and along the Amazon River among natives
who had never before heard the gospel. After returning to the US, he continued
his evangelical work and established and pastored congregations in Maryland,
Georgia, North Caroline, Ohio and Illinois.

In his later years he returned to evangelizing abroad, in Wales, the Holy Land,
Egypt, India and Hungary.

Dr. Neighbour also had a prolific writing ministry. He published over fifty books
and pamphlets, as well as poems, hymns, and his classic 14 volume set “Wells of
Living Water”.

Earl D. Radmacher (1931 - 2014)

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Dr. Rademacher was President of Western Baptist Seminary from 1965-1990. As
an internationally renowned conference speaker, and author of numerous books
and articles, he impacted thousands of lives toward a closer walk with God
through a fuller knowledge of Him. His partner and wife, Ruth, was a constant
and invaluable help in their ministry.

Gary T. Whipple (1929 - 2009)

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Gary Whipple was called to the Ministry in 1963 and graduated from BBI (Baptist
Bible Institute) in 1966. He also graduated from Luther Rice Seminary with his
Bachelor of Theology (BT), Bachelor of Divinity (BD) and ThM. He pastored several
churches in Florida and Ohio.