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The Nature of the Church (softcover)


A Biblical and Historical Study

Third Printing, 1996
452 pgs.

Dr. Earl Radmacher (1931-2014) was President Emeritus of Western Baptist Seminary where he served for thirty-four years as an administrator, professor, and mentor to many students.  As an internationally renowned conference speaker, and author of numerous books and articles, he impacted thousands of lives toward a closer walk with God through a fuller knowledge of Him.

"If you could have only one book on the church, Radmacher's book would be the book to acquire.  Using it with D. Min. students at Dallas Seminary and at Talbot, I found it to be as practical ast it was technical, and as readable as it was exhaustive.  Dr. Radmacher writes as a man who has given his adult life to understanding and revitalizing the church, and to preparing students to carry out that vision.  This book is also a must for pastors, church staffs, and para-church ministries.  With a myriad of confusing voices telling us how to run or grow our churches, this book gives us a sound theological and biblical mission.  It also gives us a perspective from history that can better guide us through the many cultural fads, alternative paradigms, and risky philosophies of ministry being marketed today."

James Borror, Th.D.
Executive Director
Golden Minutes Ministries, Inc.


Preface to the Revised Edition

  1. The Introduction
  2. The History of the Doctrine
  3. The Contemporary Viewpoints
  4. The Usage of the Word EKKLESIA
  5. Introductory Considerations to the Doctrine of the Universal Church
  6. The Doctrine of the Nature of the Universal Church
  7. The Doctrine of the Local Church
  8. Summary and Conclusion

Appendix 1: The Usage of Ekklesia in the Septuagint
Appendix 2: The Usage of Ekklesia in the New Testament

Scripture Index
Index of Persons
Subject Index