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The Lord's Command: A Study on Baptism


A Few Words on Baptism in the Form of a Reply to a Pamphlet Entitled "Baptism: Pouring On or Dipping In?"

Second Edition, 1988
192 pgs.

G. H. Pember wrote this work to defend the biblical understanding of baptism, i.e., that it is for those who have already been saved through faith in Christ Jesus.

George Hawkins Pember was born in 1837.  He was educated at Cambridge University where he took his M.A. in Classics at age twenty-six.  Upon his conversion to Christ, Pember determined to devote his scholastic talents to a close and comprehensive study of the Scriptures for the benefit of God's people.  His penchant for meticulous scholarship, extensive knowledge of ancient cultures, and keen spiritual insight combined to produce works of a quality and depth with few parallels in Christian expository literature.

G. H. Pember died in 1910, leaving a rich legacy of reclaimed spiritual truth, upon which subsequent reformers such as J. N. Darby, Watchman Nee, G. H. Lang, and T. Austin-Sparks would build.


  1. Preliminary Remarks
  2. The Meaning of Bapto and Baptizo
  3. The Verdict of History
  4. The Argument from Mosaic Sprinklings
  5. The Argument from Joel 2:28; Ezekiel 36:25; and Isaiah 52:15
  6. The Argument from 1 Cor. 10:1, 2; 1 Peter 3:20, 21
  7. The Baptism of John
  8. The Baptism of the Three Thousand
  9. The Baptism of the Eunuch
  10. Burial with Christ in Baptism: Romans 6:3, 4; Col. 2:8-12
  11. Born out of Water and Spirit
  12. The Subjects of Baptism
  13. A Problem and its Solution
  14. A Final Word