Announcing "Dawn" Set III!

The Kingdom of God Visualized


Shepherd Press, 1972
288 Pages

The late Ray Baughman died on May 24, 1999 after a brief fight with a lung infection. Dr. Baughman and Lucy were happily married for over just over 50 years. They have three grown children: Lee, Craig, and Ann.

Ray enrolled in Dallas Bible College and received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biblical Education in 1960 and Theology in 1963. His Doctorate in Education was earned in 1974 from Luther Rice Seminary. He was ordained to Baptist Minitry, pastoring four independent churches in Texas and Alabama. He taught for thirty years of teaching on the faculty of Dallas Bible College and ten years on the faulty of Southeastern Bible College.




  1. New Government to be Established
  2. God's Plan of the Ages
  3. God's Covenants
  4. Israel's School in the Wilderness
  5. Establishment of the Historical Kingdom
  6. The Disruption of the Historical Kingdom
  7. The Overthrow of the Historical Kingdom
  8. The Place of the Kingdom in Old Testament Prophecy
  9. The Advent and Preparation of the King
  10. The Offer and Rejection of the King and His Kingdom
  11. God's Two Programs
  12. God's Purpose and Plan for the Church
  13. The Book of Hebrews and the Kingdom
  14. The Kingdom in the Epistles and the Revelation
  15. Preliminary Events Before the Kingdom
  16. Conflicting Programs
  17. God's Judgment--The Great Tribulation
  18. New Heaven and New Earth
  19. Kingdom Conditions
  20. Positions in the Kingdom
  21. The Government of the Kingdom
  22. Spiritual Life in the Kingdom
  23. Eternal Destinies
  24. Activities of Eternity

Appendix A: Kingdom Terminology
Appendix B: Jehovah's Witnesses and the Kingdom

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