Announcing "Dawn" Set III!

The Judgment Seat of Christ


1984 Edition
80 pgs.

David M. Panton was a very able successor to Robert Govett’s pulpit at Surrey Chapel, Norwich, England.  Panton was the founder and editor of Dawnmagazine, a strong voice for deep scriptural and prophetical truth from 1924 until his death in 1955.  Panton was well-known for his speaking and writing abilities concerning scriptural prophetical subjects.  He was known as "The Prince of Prophecy."

Many Christians who have happily sung, "when by His grace I shall look on His face, that will be glory, be glory for me," are due for a terrific shock when they stand before the judgment seat of Christ and find that it is not glory for them.

When we see Jesus it will be at His Judgment Seat, not at the Mercy Seat, and then "Each (disciple's) work shall be made manifest; for the day shall declare it, because it is revealed by FIRE." And every Christian will be rewarded according to his works.

Carnal Christians have often been heard to say, "I am not bothering about rewards; I will be happy anyway." The boy who has been disobedient is REWARDED according to his works. Perhaps he would not want to bother about rewards either but is rewarded nevertheless.

This present work of D. M. Panton's is being reprinted because it so vividly shows what the Scriptures clearly teach regarding the future unhappy state of the disobedient Christian; and because the neglect of this teaching has contributed largely to the present lethargy of the church.


  1. The Judgment Seat of Christ
  2. Reward
  3. The Blood and the Leaven
  4. The Day of Justice
  5. The Judgment Seat
  6. Works Tested by Fire
  7. Crowns
  8. Our Crown in Jeopardy
  9. Christian Responsibility
  10. The Millennial Kingdom
  11. Exclusion from the Holy Land
  12. Excommunication and Exclusion
  13. The First Resurrection
  14. The Two Justifications
  15. The Prize of Our Calling
  16. The Great Escape
  17. Eternal Judgment

APPENDIX 1: Note on Purgatory
APPENDIX 2: Note on the Judgment of Believers