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The Great Prophecies Volume 2: Israel and the Gentiles


Eighth Edition, 1988
506 pgs.

This is a book of distinct and conspicuous mark on the exhaustless theme of Scripture prophecy.  It is evident that the conscientious labor and thought of years are embodied in the volume.  While the author shows that he has studied with care the literature of his subject, he has at the same time wrought out an independent scheme of interpretation marked by great comprehensiveness and self-consistency.

George Hawkins Pember was born in 1837.  He was educated at Cambridge University where he took his M.A. in Classics at age twenty-six.  Upon his conversion to Christ, Pember determined to devote his scholastic talents to a close and comprehensive study of the Scriptures for the benefit of God's people.  His penchant for meticulous scholarship, extensive knowledge of ancient cultures, and keen spiritual insight combined to produce works of a quality and depth with few parallels in Christian expository literature.

G. H. Pember died in 1910, leaving a rich legacy of reclaimed spiritual truth, upon which subsequent reformers such as J. N. Darby, Watchman Nee, G. H. Lang, and T. Austin-Sparks would build.



  1. Proofs of Divine Inspiration
  2. The Seven Dispensations
  3. The Three Lines of Prophecy


  1. The Promises to Abraham


  1. The Covenant of the Restoration
  2. The Blessings and the Curses of the Sinaitic Covenant, or the First Forecast of the History of Israel
  3. The Last Prophecy of Balaam
  4. The Blessings and Curses of the Renewed Covenant, or the Second Forecast of the History of Israel
  5. The Son of Moses (Deuteronomy 32)
  6. The Prophecy of Ahijah


  1. The Vision of the Great Image
  2. The Vision of the Great Tree
  3. The Vision of the Four Wild Beasts
  4. The Vision of the Ram and the He-Goat
  5. The Perplexity of Daniel
  6. The Revelations of the Seventy Sevens
  7. The Scheme of the Seventy Sevens Applied to the Elucidation of other Prophecies
  8. The Scripture of Truth, or the Last Prophecy of Daniel

Appendix A: The Days of Israel's Discipline
Appendix B. On the Jewish Application of the Name Edom to Rome
Appendix C: Hosea 11:5
Appendix D: The Desire of Women
Appendix E: The Worship of Satan