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The Disciplemaker: What Matters Most to Jesus


First Edition, 2001
482 pgs.

"Drs. Derickson and Radmacher have offered to the Christian public, and scholar, a sorely needed study of John 13--17.  It should correct much wrongheaded thinking about not only these particular passages of Scripture but certain teaching in the Christian community which confuses justification and sanctification, belief in Christ and being a disciple of Christ."  H. Wayne House, Th.D., J.D.

Dr. Earl Radmacher is President Emeritus of Western Baptist Seminary where he served for thirty-four years as an administrator, professor, and mentor to many students, having seen the enrollment increase tenfold during his presidency.  As an internationally renowned conference speaker, and author of numerous books and articles, he has impacted thousands of lives toward a closer walk with God through a fuller knowledge of Him.  His partner and wife, Ruth, has been a constant and invaluable help in their ministry for the past forty-two years.  Dr. Radmacher continues to have a vital impact on believer and non-believer alike through his conference ministry and writings.  They currently reside primarily in Scottsdale, Arizona. 



  1. Getting Ready to Understand Christ's Instructions
  2. Christ Teaching by Example
  3. Christ Warning about non-Belief
  4. Christ Revealing What Matters Most
  5. Christ Comforting with Truth
  6. Christ Continuing to Comfort with Truth
  7. Christ Identifying further Powerful Resources
  8. Christ Calling for Obedience and Promising Help
  9. Christ Illustrating Previously Taught Truths
  10. Christ Explaining the Results of Responses
  11. Christ Motivating to World Wide Outreach
  12. Christ Providing the Principles of Witness
  13. Christ Promising Full and Enduring Joy
  14. Christ Praying for Himself
  15. Christ Praying for the Apostles
  16. Christ Praying for Us

Appendix 1: Eternal Life
Appendix 2: Justification Theology and John's Gospel
Appendix 3: Knowing God
Appendix 4: Footwashing an Ordinance?
Appendix 5: Eating at Festive Meals
Appendix 6: The Relation of Jesus' Command to Depart to the Structure of the Discourse
Appendix 7: Virticultural Practices in First Century Judea
Appendix 8: The Message of John and Belief in John 20:30-31
Appendix 9: Abiding