Announcing "Dawn" Set III!

Shock & Surprise Beyond The Rapture


The Great Mystery of the Ages Revealed!

Reprint Edition, 2003
280 pgs.

Gary T. Whipple (1909-2009) graduated from Luther Rice Seminary (Th.B., B.D., Th.M.) and was the pastor of Lamp and Light Baptist Church in Orlando, Florida. His ministry focused on studies on the kingdom truths and prophecy.


Part One


  1. God's Plan for Man
  2. The Key of Three
  3. The Great Salvation
  4. Redemption, Adoption, Inheritance
  5. How the Soul is Saved
  6. The Way of Salvation
  7. The Joy of Running the Race
  8. The Beginning of Wisdom
  9. The Structure of the Kingdom

Part Two

  1. The Gehenna Truths
  2. Knowing the Terror of the Lord

Part Three

  1. Bodies that Live
  2. The Three Orders of the Resurrection
  3. The Final Confirmation

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Diagram 1: Human History
Diagram 2a: Salvation of the Soul
Diagram 2b: Three Tenses of Salvation
Diagram 2c: Three-fold Kingdom of God
Diagram 3: The Great Salvation
Diagram 4: The Inheritance of the Firstborn
Diagram 6: The Three Gates
Diagram 8a: The Out-Called and the Higher Selection
Diagram 8b: The Kingdom Antithesis
Diagram 9: The Structure of the Kingdom
Diagram 11: Kingdom Truth vs. Gehenna Truths
Diagram 12: The Resurrections and the Rapture
Diagram 13a: The Three Orders of the Resurrection
Diagram 13b: The First and Second Resurrection