Announcing "Dawn" Set III!

The New Jerusalem: Our Eternal Home


1985 Edition
158 pgs.

"Govett's writings are extensive, of varying quality, and often marked by a high level of scholarship, a superbly logical approach, extraordinary originality, and complete faithfulness to biblical revelation.  Much concerned with eschatology (Apocalypse, 1864, and other works), he held that much of the Book of Revelation is to be understood literally."  R. E. D. Clark, The New International Dictionary of the Christian Church, J. D. Douglas, general editor, page 426.


  1. New Heavens and New Earth
  2. Men's Final Destinies
  3. The New Jerusalem
  4. The Measure of the City
  5. The Materials of the City
  6. The City and its Foundations
  7. The Pilgrimage of Nations and their Kings
  8. The Paradise of God: The River and the Tree
    1. The Tree of Life
    2. Privileges of the Citizens
    3. The New Jerusalem and its Paradise
    4. Eden
    5. Abraham
    6. Israel under Moses
    7. The Laver
    8. Golden Table
    9. The Candlestick
    10. Incense Altar
    11. The Ark
    12. Our Education for this Eternal Sphere
    13. The City of God
    14. The Garden
    15. The Place Occupied in God's Scheme by Good Works