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Sermon on the Mount


Eight Edition, 2001
404 pgs.

"Govett's writings are extensive, of varying quality, and often marked by a high level of scholarship, a superbly logical approach, extraordinary originality, and complete faithfulness to biblical revelation.  Much concerned with eschatology (Apocalypse, 1864, and other works), he held that much of the Book of Revelation is to be understood literally."  R. E. D. Clark, The New International Dictionary of the Christian Church, J. D. Douglas, general editor, page 426



  1. Beatitudes
  2. Christians Salt
  3. Christ's Relation to Law
  4. Offences Between Brethren
  5. Adultery
  6. Oaths
  7. Not Justice, But Mercy
  8. Love to Enemies
  9. Alms
  10. Prayer
  11. Fasting
  12. Treasures
  13. Two Masters
  14. Anxiety Forbid
  15. Judging Forbid
  16. Reproof of a Brother
  17. Treatment of the Dog and Swine
  18. Encouragements to Prayer
  19. The Golden Rule, and the Two Ways
  20. False Prophets
  21. Requisites for Entering the Kingdom

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