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The Rod: Will God Spare It?


Second Edition, 2003, 458 pgs.

Although it is shocking, the truth concerning the Judgment Seat of Christ presented in this book provides a sufficient answer to the numerous Biblical warnings addressed to the saints.  This alarming doctrine of temporary chastisement ironically protects and magnifies the precious truths of eternal security and salvation through faith alone.  Yet, unlike other modern defenses of eternal security, this teaching provides a much-needed panacea for careless Christianity in these last days.

Pastor J. D. Faust was born in Columbia, South Carolina.  He is currently the pastor of Kingdom Baptist Church in Venus, Texas.  He is the editor of The Kingdom Alert newsletter.


  1. The Accountability Awakening
  2. The Foundation
  3. Two Historic Errors
  4. Positive Rewards
  5. Negative Rewards in this Life
  6. Negative Rewards at the Judgment Seat
  7. Millennial Counterfeits
  8. The Christian's Danger of Kingdom Exclusion
  9. A Protestant Purgatory?
  10. Where Do the Unfaithful Christians Go?
  11. The Underworld
  12. The Temporary Abodes of the Dead
  13. Death at the Judgment Seat
  14. Temporary Soul Death
  15. Hurt of the Second Death
  16. Trial by Fire
  17. Two Phases at the Judgment Seat
  18. The Prize of the First Resurrection
  19. Safeguarding Literal Interpretation
  20. Millennial Incarceration
  21. Blotted Out of the Book of Life
  22. The Unquenchable Fire
  23. The Reward of Eternal Life
  24. Believers Should Believe
  25. Objections and Questions Answered
  26. Accountability Truth in History (Part 1)
  27. Accountability Truth in History (Part 2)
  28. Accountability Truth in History (Part 3)
  29. Believers Must Confess

Appendix A (Everlasting, Forever and Eternal)
Appendix B (Refuting Universalism)