Announcing "Dawn" Set III!

The Panton Papers


Fourth Edition, 1988
152 pgs.

David M. Panton was a very able successor to Robert Govett’s pulpit at Surrey Chapel, Norwich, England.  Panton was the founder and editor of Dawnmagazine, a strong voice for deep scriptural and prophetical truth from 1924 until his death in 1955.  Panton was well-known for his speaking and writing abilities concerning scriptural prophetical subjects.  He was known as "The Prince of Prophecy."



Section One

  1. The Japanese Earthquake
  2. Locomotion and Science
  3. Geology and the Flood
  4. The Sumerian Narrative of the Flood
  5. The Advent and the Flood
  6. Deluge Debris
  7. The Edenic Curse and Modern Problems
  8. The Undoing of the Curse
  9. Thorns and Thistles

Section Two

  1. The Jews: God's Dial
  2. The Church and the Synagogue
  3. The Middle Wall of Partition
  4. British Israelism
  5. The Land Laws of Jehovah
  6. The Rebuilding of the Temple
  7. The Temple of Ezekiel

Section Three

  1. The Red Napoleon
  2. The King of the South
  3. Who is the Antichrist?
  4. The Resurrection of the Roman Empire
  5. The Iron and the Clay
  6. Coming Collapse
  7. Capital Punishment

Section Four

  1. The Return of Idolatry
  2. The Flight of the Papacy
  3. The Challenge of a Deferred Advent
  4. Our Eternal Destiny
  5. Eternal Punishment in the Scriptures
  6. The Great White Throne