Announcing "Dawn" Set III!




Third Edition, 1988
72 pgs.

David M. Panton was a very able successor to Robert Govett’s pulpit at Surrey Chapel, Norwich, England.  Panton was the founder and editor of Dawn magazine, a strong voice for deep scriptural and prophetical truth from 1924 until his death in 1955.  Panton was well-known for his speaking and writing abilities concerning scriptural prophetical subjects.  He was known as "The Prince of Prophecy."


  1. Rapture
  2. The Parousia of Christ
  3. The Dead
  4. The Living
  5. Garnering the Wheat
  6. Wheat Cut and Uncut
  7. Elijah
  8. Conditions of Rapture
  9. Rapture and the Day of the Lord
  10. Rapture
  11. Enoch
  12. Readiness for Rapture

End Note 1: Note on Two Difficulties
End Note 2: Note on a Criticism
End Note 3: Note on Rapture and Soul-Winning