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Looking For The Saviour
by Philip Mauro

Looking For The Saviour by Philip Mauro is no longer in print.  Mauro began to write another work before this one, a work to prove that the Post-Tribulation Rapture position was scriptural.  However, during his research, he became convinced otherwise that the Scriptures teaches a Pre-Tribulation Rapture.  The work that follows is the result of his research in the matter.


Reasons Advanced to Support the View that the Tribulation Precedes the Resurrection of the Saints


Section One


Difficulty in Fixing the Sequence of Future Events
A Lengthened Period Foretold between the Lord's Ascension and His Return. The bearing of that fact on the Question under Consideration
If the Disciples Whom the Lord Addressed in Matt. 24, 25 were "Christians Proper," would that indicate that the Church must pass through the Great Tribulation?
Christ Spoke to His Disciples of Events which were to occur before His Return. Does this indicate that His Coming is not now an Every Day Possibility?
The "Day of the Lord" must be preceded by the Advent of Antichrist. What is the bearing of that fact upon the Coming of Christ for His Saints?

Section Two


"Tribulation" is the Appointed Portion for the Disciples of Christ in the World; but "the Great Tribulation" is not appointed for them
"When ye see these things BEGIN. . . Your Redemption draweth nigh"
"To You who are Troubled, Rest with Us"
The "Hope" of the Church


Section Three


Reasons Deduced from Scripture for Expecting the Coming of Christ and the Resurrection of Saints before the Great Tribulation
The Judgment Seat of Christ before which "We must ALL Appear"
Analogy to the First Coming, Those that "Looked for Redemption in Israel"
The Great Tribulation, a Part of the National History of Israel

Section Four


The Prospect placed before the Saints
Their Prospect is Immediate

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