Local Assemblies - Georgia

Local assemblies are few and far between that proclaim the importance of the saints' coming judgment at the Judgment Seat of Christ, and their possible subsequent forfeiture of ruling and reigning with Him during His Kingdom.  To the best of our knowledge, the following local assemblies faithfully proclaim these truths.

Comer Area

King's Way Bible Church
P.O. Box 363
Comer, Georgia  30629

Web site: redministries.com

Contact: Pastor Jeff Myers
Phone: 770-466-2858
E-mail: Jeff Myers

Sunday Morning
10:00 A.M. Sunday School Classes
11:00 A.M. Worship

Wednesday Evening
6:30 P.M. Fellowship
6:45 P.M. Prayer
7:00 P.M. Bible Study Classes

Thursday Evening
7:00 P.M. Home Bible Study
(call for directions: 770-466-2859)

Location of King's Way Bible Church:

On the corner of College Avenue and Highway 72 in Comer Georgia.  They are fifteen miles north of Athens.



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