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Selected Writings of A. Edwin Wilson
by Arlen Chitwood, editor


During the years 1953 through 1970 the writing ministry of Rev. A. Edwin Wilson regularly reached into the homes of many Christians throughout the country via a religious periodical published under his direction. The articles in this periodical covered a broad range of Biblical subjects and came from the pen of an individual who, through many years of prayer, study and meditation upon the Scriptures, was pre-eminently qualified to write on these subjects. In this book, Selected Writings of A. Edwin Wilson, these articles previously written by and published under the direction of Rev. Wilson have, for the first time, been reprinted in their entirety.

In republishing the works of Rev. Wilson, the arrangement of all articles was made on the basis of subject matter rather than the date of original publication. These various subjects, in turn, form chapter divisions in this book. Many series of articles were published over the years, and every series has been retained intact. These form either parts or all of various chapters.

The material in this book has been divided into three sections. The first twelve chapters, comprising the first section, deal largely with "The Word of Prophecy," and have been arranged in a manner to move the reader progressively through the many facets of this much neglected and often misunderstood field of study. This section begins with an article entitled, "Why Study Prophecy?" And this question sets the tone for the remaining articles throughout the first twelve chapters. The second section, Chapters Thirteen through Nineteen, sets forth various subjects of biblical study. The third section, Chapters Twenty through Twenty-two, was developed from questions and answers, outlines, and various single articles on numerous subjects.

Basic values of the book are many. The author's treatment of Israel, the Church, the Kingdom, Types, Parables, Resurrection, etc., would render this book a must for any serious student of Scripture. But the basic value of the book, in my estimation, is found in Chapters Five through Ten. These chapters, in their overall scope, deal with "The Salvation of the Soul ['Life']," which is not the salvation we presently possess, but the salvation to be revealed at the time of our Lord's return (1 Peter 1:9). There are only a handful of books available today that present any facet of this subject in its correct biblical framework, but none with the overall scope and clarity as does Rev. Wilson's. In this respect, Selected Writings of A. Edwin Wilson is unique.

Complete indexes of subject matter and Scripture references appear following Chapter Twenty-two. These indexes should prove invaluable as one peruses the pages of this book.

Schoettle Publishing Company has rendered a great service to many Christians in republishing the works of Rev. Wilson. The desire of Rev. Wilson over the years has consistently been: "Get the Word out!" And this book is an effort toward that end.

Arlen L. Chitwood, Editor
The Lamp Broadcast, Inc.
Norman, Oklahoma

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