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The Great Mystery of the Ages Revealed!
by Gary T. Whipple



Shock & Surprise Beyond The Rapture
Edition, 2003
280 pgs.
$10.95 USD (softcover only)

Gary T. Whipple (Th.B., B.D., Th.M., Luther Rice Seminary) is currently the pastor of Lamp and Light Baptist Church in Orlando, Florida.  This church, which was started several years ago, has perhaps the largest active church field in Florida, with several families of it's membership driving as much as two hundred and forty miles round trip each Sunday to attend services.  In the past 30 years Pastor Whipple has pastored seven churches and published three books on the kingdom truths.  In addition, he founded the Lamp and Light Cassette Fellowship in 1975, which produced Bible study tapes of his teaching.  This non-profit ministry quickly grew into an international organization with members in all fifty states and on three continents.  It produced over one hundred twenty hours of recorded studies on the kingdom truths and prophecy.


Part One


  1. God's Plan for Man
  2. The Key of Three
  3. The Great Salvation
  4. Redemption, Adoption, Inheritance
  5. How the Soul is Saved
  6. The Way of Salvation
  7. The Joy of Running the Race
  8. The Beginning of Wisdom
  9. The Structure of the Kingdom

Part Two

  1. The Gehenna Truths
  2. Knowing the Terror of the Lord

Part Three

  1. Bodies that Live
  2. The Three Orders of the Resurrection
  3. The Final Confirmation

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Selected Scripture Index
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Diagram 1: Human History
Diagram 2a: Salvation of the Soul
Diagram 2b: Three Tenses of Salvation
Diagram 2c: Three-fold Kingdom of God
Diagram 3: The Great Salvation
Diagram 4: The Inheritance of the Firstborn
Diagram 6: The Three Gates
Diagram 8a: The Out-Called and the Higher Selection
Diagram 8b: The Kingdom Antithesis
Diagram 9: The Structure of the Kingdom
Diagram 11: Kingdom Truth vs. Gehenna Truths
Diagram 12: The Resurrections and the Rapture
Diagram 13a: The Three Orders of the Resurrection
Diagram 13b: The First and Second Resurrection


Knowing the Terror of the Lord (Chapter 11) [PDF]

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An ancient philosopher once wrote that effective communication is the ability to ‘place a sea of knowledge in a drop of language.’ Since only God can accomplish this, it becomes vitally important for every Christian to seek to study His Word in depth.

Within this framework of thought, I have felt led of the Spirit of God to produce this work. My goals in writing this book were to first expound upon an unseen continent of truth. A continent so vast, that no man has measured it’s boundaries, or sounded it’s depths. A continent of vast knowledge known in the scriptures as the ‘above knowledge’ (Gr. ‘epignosis’). My second goal in this writing, was to place as much of the ‘above knowledge’ (super knowledge) in as few drops of language as possible. Thusly, this book will represent the work of thirty-five years of Bible study on the doctrine of salvation, compressed into fourteen chapters.

The reader is challenged as he reads this book, to not just read what is written, but to study as well the precepts and truths presented. This can best be done along with an open Bible. It is suggested that the reader first read these fourteen chapters slowly, and then to read them again many times in a mode of study and prayer.

That which the reader will learn here, could be termed as revolutionary! A revolution not against truth, but rather the prevailing theological intelligence and posture of today that promotes some Biblical error. That same error, which is being taught in the modern seminary and Bible school and then carried out by their students and preached from the pulpit. That same error, which in turn, has invaded the pew and capture the minds of the spiritually simple. Therefore, the revelation truth in this book is not for every believer, only those who hunger after the Word of God. It was written mainly for th ‘saints’ who are teachable, and not for the ‘professional clergyman.’ However, my prayer is that many pastors and Bible teachers will see these truths presented and in turn teach them to faithful believers (2 Tim. 2:2).

Whether you will fully agree with me or not when you complete this volume, is not important. What is important is this: Will this book cause you to flee to the scriptures in an attempt to disprove that which I have written? If so, you will have that which is necessary in order to grow spiritually. For truth comes from the Word, and not from logic or the traditions of religious men. Contrariwise, there will be those who will read these truths and will be unable to receive them.

To aid the reader in the quest for truth, I chose to use the King James version of the Bible in this writing. The reason being, that many more study aids have been written for this version than any other, such as: concordances, dictionaries and Greek word studies. This is not to say that other versions may not be helpful.

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