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Current Events and Prophecy

by D. M. Panton



Fourth Edition, 1988
152 pgs.

$7.95 USD  (softcover only)

David M. Panton was a very able successor to Robert Govett’s pulpit at Surrey Chapel, Norwich, England.  Panton was the founder and editor of Dawn magazine, a strong voice for deep scriptural and prophetical truth from 1924 until his death in 1955.  Panton was well-known for his speaking and writing abilities concerning scriptural prophetical subjects.  He was known as "The Prince of Prophecy."

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Section One

  1. The Japanese Earthquake
  2. Locomotion and Science
  3. Geology and the Flood
  4. The Sumerian Narrative of the Flood
  5. The Advent and the Flood
  6. Deluge Debris
  7. The Edenic Curse and Modern Problems
  8. The Undoing of the Curse
  9. Thorns and Thistles

Section Two

  1. The Jews: God's Dial
  2. The Church and the Synagogue
  3. The Middle Wall of Partition
  4. British Israelism
  5. The Land Laws of Jehovah
  6. The Rebuilding of the Temple
  7. The Temple of Ezekiel

Section Three

  1. The Red Napoleon
  2. The King of the South
  3. Who is the Antichrist?
  4. The Resurrection of the Roman Empire
  5. The Iron and the Clay
  6. Coming Collapse
  7. Capital Punishment

Section Four

  1. The Return of Idolatry
  2. The Flight of the Papacy
  3. The Challenge of a Deferred Advent
  4. Our Eternal Destiny
  5. Eternal Punishment in the Scriptures
  6. The Great White Throne


Readers of The Dawn, London, England, are aware of the fine character of that monthly magazine, which began its appearance in April, 1924.  Its comments on current events, its presentation of the work of various mission fields in expert articles, its evangelistic tone, its richly spiritual and sound interpretations of Scripture, but above all its remarkable editorial treatment of the great events of our time in the light of the prophecies, form a treasure of edifying thought and illustration.  Clearness of insight, depth of understanding and felicity of expression make its reading a rare delight.

In view of the above striking characteristics of The Dawn, it is felt that it would be a real service to the Church to gather in permanent form the more outstanding articles of its gifted Editor, D. M. Panton.  It is no longer possible for the Christian public to secure these extremely valuable Papers in any other form.  Hence the importance of this work.

Readers will find the Papers on The Flood a fine aid to the gaining of clear views as against modernistic denials and misinterpretations.  The documentation of these Papers from the works of genuine scientists makes them the more valuable.

The section on Israel is richly instructive.  The papers on the relation of Jewish believers to the Church and on the two Temples of the future will provoke thought and criticism.  The treatment of the Land Laws of Jehovah will prove a revelation to many of the marvelous wisdom enfolded in the codes of Moses and of the far reach--even into eternity--of the Mosaic vision, a signal testimony to the inspiration of the Word.  Truly, "there is one lawgiver."

The Papers of the third section of the book will lure readers with special attraction.  Aside from the interest of The Red Napoleon, the great Paper on The King of the South reveals the titanic forces already preparing for the final struggle for world mastery.  The Paper on The Antichrist will startle many by identifying Nero, risen from the abyss, with that dread coming personality.  Various devout and serious scholars hold this view and it seems required by the very words of Scripture.

Perhaps the most remarkable Paper in the whole book is the one on The Resurrection of the Roman Empire.  What the publisher has said elsewhere thereon may be quoted here:

"The present upspringing of Italy into such spirit and power, driven by an autocrat who obeys no law but his own will and desire, is, next to the resurgence of the Jewish people in Palestine, the most significant sign of the times.  Rome and Israel, what names and what a conjunction!  We need no surer signs than these two of the near approach of the great and dread end of the Times of the Gentiles.  We have entered the Rapids and are fast rushing on to the final Niagara precipice of the stern breakup of Gentile world power.  The day of eternal blessing to Israel begins to dawn, though the darkest clouds in all her national career are swiftly gathering.  May the people of the Lord wait and watch with utter joy for the signs of his own appearing" (Jewish Missionary Magazine, January, 1927, page 24).

Readers may expect from Mr. Panton worthy and adequate treatment of this most startling development.

The Papers in the final section possess great force and insight.  One sees in The Return of Idolatry the system of Rome becoming wholly paganized.  The Flight of the Papacy discloses in the eery light of a blood-red moon the final destiny of papal Rome, and lifts revivified Babylon into momentary view before her Sodom-like engulfment in the volcanic fires of the judgment day.  The closing Papers set the destiny of the righteous and the wicked in the clear light of the Word and give an awe-inspiring view of earth's last assize before The Great White Throne.

To complete the series it was found well to include several Papers by other writers, whose names precede their respective articles.  All Papers are here included with the full written consent of Mr. Panton and his publishers.

The publisher is grateful for the fine Foreword from the Editor of The Sunday School Times.


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