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The Epistle to the Hebrews Unveiled

by R. E. Neighbour

If They Shall Fall Away by R. E. Neighbour



1984 Edition
152 pgs.

$4.95 USD  (softcover only)


  1. God Spake in Times Past
  2. Both Son and Heir
  3. Three Things about our Lord Jesus Christ
  4. God the Son and Son of God
  5. The Ministry of Angels
  6. We See Jesus
  7. Two Heads and Two Houses
  8. Wherefore, Harden Not Your Hearts
  9. Let Us, Therefore, Fear
  10. Let Us Labor to Enter into Rest
  11. The Priesthood and Christ Our Priest
  12. After the Order of Melchisedec
  13. If God Permit
  14. It Is Impossible to Renew Them to Repentance
  15. The Hope Set Before Us
  16. After the Order of Melchisedec (Continued)
  17. Far-Flung Visions of the Cross
  18. "Wherefore He Is Able"
  19. The Two Covenants
  20. "I Will Be Merciful to Their Unrighteousness"
  21. Contrasts and Climaxes
  22. The Shadow and the Very Image
  23. Lo, I Come to Do Thy Will, O God!
  24. Faith's Forward Look
  25. Let Us Consider Him
  26. Admonitions and Conclusions

Foreword to If They Shall Fall Away
The Hope Set Before Us (Chapter 15) [PDF]


"The Conflict of the Centuries Between Calvinists and Armenians"

The two schools of thought, both composed of deeply spiritual saints, has run riot for many years. Each school is antagonistic to the other; each claims to found its contentions on Scripture.

The backbone of the Armenian belief is based on Hebrews, chapters 3, 4, 6, and 10.

Frankly, we feel that both schools have failed to catch the Holy Spiritís message in these chapters.

The Calvinists, clinging to salvation by grace alone, and apart from works, have done away with the Spiritís warnings to believers lest they fail to obtain their "rest," by asserting that the warnings are for "professors and not for possessors." The Armenians contend, rightly, that the warnings are for "possessors," but both schools fail to see that the REST is not salvation from hell, but it is the millennial rest of one thousand years, that awaits those saints who hold fast to the confidence and the rejoicing of the HOPE firm unto the end.

All of this is carefully set forth in this book, and we trust the readers of both schools will prayerfully, and without bias, ponder its pages.


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