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by R. E. Neighbour

If By Any Means by R. E. Neighbour


1985 Edition
128 pgs.

$5.95 USD  (softcover only)


  1. What about the Glories of Grace
  2. What about Winning Christ?,
    The Out-Resurrection, and the Prize of the Up-Calling (Phil. 3:7-15)?
  3. What about the Judge at the Door?
  4. What about Missing the Kingdom? (Hebrews 3 and 4

What about Missing the Kingdom? (Chapter 4) [PDF]


The trend of this book is two-fold. First to clear away the debris that has all but covered the Glories of God's Grace, and second to place Service and Rewards in their Scriptural position.

The pulpit is presenting a plan of salvation that minimizes grace -- a plan based upon the prowess of man.

The pew is pleased with the pulpit and joins heartily in the new message.

Even where "Grace" is presented it is often crippled by the counter doctrine of "Works."

The childish idea of "be good and be saved" is all too prevalent with adults. The mature idea of "be good and keep saved" is even more prevalent.

The plan of salvation is sufficiently plain. There is no need for such confusion. The woeful worthlessness of the works of the law; the marvelous merits of grace, and the righteous rewards for service are all set forth in the Word of God.

Our purpose is not to cast light on these fundamental fixtures of the faith, our purpose is to lift up the light of God's Truth that it may shine anew upon the darkness of false teachings -- that all who will, may find the Way of Life and walk therein.

Not by the works which I have done,
Not by the race which I have run,
But through the blood of Christ, the Son;

His grace is all my plea

Naught could I boast of word and deed,
No goodness of mine own could plead;
Christ on the cross met all my need --

By grace He set me free;

I fell a sinner at His feet,
I pled His sacrifice replete,
His grace and mercy did entreat:

By grace He rescued me.


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