Shock & Surprise Beyond The Rapture
by Gary T. Whipple, Reprint
Edition, 2003, paperback 280 pgs.

Gary T. Whipple (Th.B., B.D., Th.M., Luther Rice Seminary) is currently the pastor of Lamp and Light Baptist Church in Orlando, Florida.  This church, which was started several years ago, has perhaps the largest active church field in Florida, with several families of it's membership driving as much as two hundred and forty miles round trip each Sunday to attend services.  In the past 30 years Pastor Whipple has pastored seven churches and published three books on the kingdom truths.  In addition, he founded the Lamp and Light Cassette Fellowship in 1975, which produced Bible study tapes of his teaching.  This non-profit ministry quickly grew into an international organization with members in all fifty states and on three continents.  It produced over one hundred twenty hours of recorded studies on the kingdom truths and prophecy.

Shock & Surprise Beyound The Rapture by Gary T. Whipple


Part One: Introduction

  1. God's Plan for Man
  2. The Key of Three
  3. The Great Salvation
  4. Redemption, Adoption, Inheritance
  5. How the Soul is Saved
  6. The Way of Salvation
  7. The Joy of Running the Race
  8. The Beginning of Wisdom
  9. The Structure of the Kingdom

Part Two

  1. The Gehenna Truths
  2. Knowing the Terror of the Lord

Part Three

  1. Bodies that Live
  2. The Three Orders of the Resurrection
  3. The Final Confirmation

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