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The Revelation of Jesus Christ
by G. H. Lang

The Reveleation of Jesus Christ by G. H. Lang


Third Edition, 2006
424 pgs.

$25.00 USD Hardcover

My book The Histories and Prophecies of Daniel brought requests for a treatise on Revelation.  In fact, this had been long commenced.  It must be thirty years since the first section of this book to be written was finished.  There is a reason why this was c. V on the Four and Twenty Elders.  Perhaps fifty-three years ago a cousin and I had discussed who these elders might be.  We had never heard any other view than that they represent glorified saints, and that two youths should decide in favour of the only idea they had was no wonder.  Later reflection taught me that I was wrong; but the incident shows how early in life the Revelation attracted my mind.


Author's Preface
Preliminary Dissertations

  1. Title and Introduction • The General Plan of the Book
  2. The Vision of the Son of Man
  3. The Seven Letters
  4. The Vision of the Thrones
  5. The Four and Twenty Elders
  6. The Seven Seals
  7. The Seven Trumpets
  8. The Woman and the Man-Child
  9. The Beast
  10. Firstfruits, Harvest, Vintage
  11. The Seven Bowls
  12. Babylon the Great
  13. Hallelujah
  14. Victory
  15. Authority and the Millennium
  16. The Final Rebellion
  17. The Great White Throne
  18. New Heavens and Earth
  19. The Holy City
  20. The Conclusion

Analysis of the Seven Letters
Analysis of the Revelation
List of Some Greek Words
Index of Texts
General Index



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