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A Warning and an Appeal Addressed by one of Themselves Mainly to Christians Known as Open Brethren

by G. H. Lang



Second Printing, 1985
164 pgs.
$6.95 USD (softcover only)

G. H. Lang was born November 20, 1874 in London, England. He died at Wimborne, Dorset, England October 20, 1958. He was saved at a young age when he was seven and a half years old. His writings include fourteen major books and innumerable booklets. He once said, "No man should write a book until he is forty. He needs to prove his theories in practice before publishing." All but nine of his many books were published after he was fifty years old.

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  1. The Point of Departure
  2. The Independence of Each Local Church
  3. The History of Church Federation
  4. Present Departure in Discipline
  5. Departure in Ministry and Oversight
  6. Departure in Service in England
  7. Departure in Service in Relation to the State
  8. Departure in Missionary Service
  9. Departure in Missionary Service (continued)
  10. Conclusion and Appeal

Appendix A: Statement and Acknowledgement Respecting Certain Doctrinal Errors
Appendix B: Remarks upon the Theological Opinions of Mr. Theodore Roberts
Appendix C: Quotations from Divines Concerning Mark 13:32


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