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The Locusts, The Euphratean Horsemen and The Two Witnesses

by Robert Govett



1985 Edition
$6.95 USD (softcover only)

Robert Govett was a brilliant English pastor, born in 1813 and died in 1901.  "Mr. Govett wrote a hundred years before his time, and the day will come when his works will be treasured as sifted gold." Charles H. Spurgeon

Robert Govett was a fellow of Worcester College, Oxford.  He possessed brilliant intellectual gifts.  The Teaching of Robert Govett has been preserved in a large number of expositions and tracts.  The Two Witnesses is one such work.

"Govett's writings are extensive, of varying quality, and often marked by a high level of scholarship, a superbly logical approach, extraordinary originality, and complete faithfulness to biblical revelation.  Much concerned with eschatology (Apocalypse, 1864, and other works), he held that much of the Book of Revelation is to be understood literally."  R. E. D. Clark, The New International Dictionary of the Christian Church, J. D. Douglas, general editor, page 426.

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  1. The Locusts
    1. The Revelation not a Book of Symbols
    2. Its confounding of things that differ
    3. Denial of the Miraculous
    4. Our of Harmony with the Rest of Scripture
  2. The Euphratean Horsemen
    1. Sketch of the History
    2. The Turks Locusts
    3. The Imprisoned Angels
    4. Four Leaders
    5. Failures in Chronology
    6. The Third of Men
    7. Not Found In Constantinople
    8. Slavery Not Slaughter
  3. The Two Witnesses
    1. Mr. E.'s explanation of Revelation 10
    2. The Witnesses Future
    3. The Witnesses Two Individuals
    4. Their Prophesying
    5. Their Acts Miraculous
    6. Dilemmas
    7. The Destruction Immediate and Personal
    8. The Testimony Complete Ere the Witnesses Are Slain
    9. Reasons to the Contrary Examined
    10. Their Slaughter Literal
    11. The Corpses Lying Unburied
    12. The Seven Dutch Provinces Emancipated
    13. The Remnant Who Give Glory
    14. Parallelisms Between the Two Witnesses and our Lord


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